You Could Spend Forever Exploring This Kentucky Small Town

Berea is a lovely tiny town on the Appalachian mountain line. Forests and fields surround it, making it lovely.

Berea is full with arts and crafts galleries like Peacecraft, which sells Fair Trade goods that assist artists rather than huge retailers. The loving craftsmanship would make your home special.

Given its natural beauty, it would be a shame not to visit. The Berea Pinnacles have lush hiking trails to rock outcroppings with stunning vistas.

Honeysuckle Dining & Bourbon House serves some of Berea's best cuisine. Delicious Southern and foreign fusion food pairs perfectly with local, high-quality Kentucky Bourbon.

Farmer-chef collaborations create a great gastronomic experience in Kentucky, where many ingredients come from local farms.

Best spot in Berea to rest up for another day of art and exploring is the historic Boone Tavern Hotel. It's served Southern hospitality since 1909.

The rooms are cozy and charming. Enjoy a delicious brunch at Boone Tavern and visit all the galleries you missed the first day! You may need another trip to see them all.