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Yellowstone Spinoff Character Profiles: Meet the New Cast

John Weston - The PatriarchJohn Weston, played by seasoned actor Sam Elliott, embodies the stoic wisdom of a rancher who built his empire from the ground up. With a gruff demeanor and a heart of gold, he navigates family dynamics and land disputes with unwavering determination.

Ella Rose - The Young HeiressElla Rose, portrayed by rising star Olivia Cooke, is the fiery daughter of a rival rancher. Bold and ambitious, she challenges traditional gender roles as she fights to protect her family's legacy while forging her own path in the male-dominated world of cattle ranching.

Marcus Blackwood - The Enigmatic OutsiderMarcus Blackwood, played by charismatic actor Diego Luna, arrives in Montana with a mysterious past and a hidden agenda. His charm and ruthlessness make him a formidable opponent or ally, depending on whose side he chooses to take.

Maggie Dawson - The Tough-as-Nails ForemanMaggie Dawson, portrayed by veteran actress Katee Sackhoff, commands respect as the no-nonsense foreman of the Weston Ranch. With a sharp wit and a deep understanding of the land, she is John Weston's right-hand woman, fiercely loyal yet harboring secrets of her own.

Caleb Brooks - The Rebellious Young CowboyCaleb Brooks, portrayed by talented newcomer Lucas Hedges, is a rebellious young cowboy torn between his loyalty to his family and his desire for independence. His journey to find his place in the world is complicated by his forbidden romance with Ella Rose, sparking tensions that threaten to ignite old feuds.

Ava Montgomery - The Ambitious LawyerAva Montgomery, played by the brilliant Emma Roberts, is a determined lawyer with a personal vendetta against the Westons. As she navigates the legal complexities of land rights and environmental disputes, she must confront her own conflicted feelings about justice and morality.

Jackson Stone - The Loyal LieutenantJackson Stone, portrayed by versatile actor Michael B. Jordan, is John Weston's trusted lieutenant and surrogate son. As tensions escalate and loyalties are tested, Jackson must navigate the murky waters of loyalty, ambition, and betrayal to protect the Weston Ranch and his own sense of honor.