What Is the Smartest Bird on Earth? Learn All About the Kea Bird

The kea is one of the smartest birds. They have bigger brains and higher cognitive ability than other birds.   

Keas communicate in different ways and are as smart as a four-year-old human. From an animal perspective, they are most intelligent like primates.   

New research shows keas can integrate information across cognitive domains. Domain-general testing showed that Keas comprehend probability and can make decisions from many sources.   

This talent is exclusive to great apes. Researchers believe studying these birds may reveal how intellect evolves. They want to construct keas-like artificial cognitive processes.   

Keas can solve logical puzzles, cooperate together, use tools, and find creative ways to get food. To survive in tough mountain habitats, these birds learn to solve issues rapidly.   

Their wit isn't just about survival. These parrots are curious and playful. Visitors to their environment may watch them chasing each other and playing with things like children.  

Keas are New Zealand's only alpine parrot and one of nine native parrot species. They inhabit South Island woods and alpine environments, from river valleys to peaks. However, humans have driven them from lowlands to mountains above the treeline over the millennia.  

Keas Eat? These omnivorous genii eat sheep and other animal carcasses. They like digging for grubs on rotting wood or dirt. Kea like fruit, seeds, nectar, and foliage.