What are the most common hummingbird species in Florida?

16 of the 338 species recognized are in the U.S. and three in Florida, according to the University of Florida.

Ruby-throated, black-chinned, and rufous hummingbirds dominate. The last two species sometimes winter in Florida.

The ruby-throated hummingbird is Florida's only breeding hummingbird and lives there almost a year. UF biologists believe it derives its name from the male's neck feathers, which glow red in full light. It's only 3 inches long and weighs a penny.  

Most ruby-throated hummingbirds winter in Mexico and South America, although some live in South Florida year-round. Men arrive in Florida in March. Females arrive a week after males.

Operation Ruby Throat recommends putting feeders up by mid-March to attract early migrants, who will arrive a few weeks later in the north and Canada or sooner in the Gulf Coast.

Make homemade nectar with one part white, granulated cane sugar and four parts water. To dissolve sugar, boil the solution. Let it cool before filling a feeder. This concentration matches wildflower nectar.

Instead of red or orange food coloring, use a vibrant feeder to attract hummingbirds. Change the solution every 3–5 days and clean the feeder with hot water and white vinegar. Avoid soap and bleach.