This Purple Plant Will Fill Your Garden With Hummingbirds And Butterflies

Planting Garden Anise Hyssop This plant is ideal for pollinator gardens. Growing anise hyssop from seed in pots or your yard is easy. Start by planting seeds in tiny pots six weeks before the last frost to ensure early flowering.   

Keep your seeds barely covered with soil since they need sunlight to germinate. After four weeks, your anise hyssop will grow, and you can move it outside or into the ground after frost.   

To cultivate seeds outdoors, wait until the weather warms up. Just below the dirt, sow your seeds 12–18 inches apart.  

Maintaining Anise Hyssop for Butterflies and Hummingbirds You should plant anise hyssop in a well-draining, sunny spot in your yard. This plant prefers full sun but may grow in partial shade.  

Some seedlings may wilt when planted, but they should recover within a few days. Since anise hyssop blooms the year it's planted, birds and butterflies will soon visit your garden.  

Once established, only water the plant when the top several inches of soil are dry. Overwatering can cause root rot in these dry-soil North American plants.   

After the petals fade, hummingbirds and butterflies won't be as interested in anise hyssop, but its seeds may attract goldfinches.