This Is When Hummingbirds Are Set to Emerge in Florida

Hummingbirds leave Florida in autumn if they live there. Warm weather brings some hummingbirds to Florida during migration. Only 3 hummingbird species live in this state.

Black-chinned, rufous, and ruby-throated hummingbirds thrive in Florida's humid climate. Even though they like Florida's sunny weather, they only stay part of the year.

These birds move to get better food and return to breed. When do they depart? When will they return?

Hummingbirds flee Florida when it cools. Each species migrates at different periods. Florida ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate by September, however they can leave in August.

Depending on how long it takes them to build up their fat deposits, these birds usually leave by October.

Black-chinned hummingbirds rarely migrate through the state since they are rarely spotted there. They leave throughout winter (if ever).

Rufous hummingbirds leave Florida in October after the winter seasons. If they land in Florida, they stay through winter, sometimes never leaving.

Most hummingbirds migrate, although a few black-throated or rufous hummingbirds stay in Florida.  

Since they don't need to migrate far south, most of these birds visit Mexico and Central America. Despite living in the west, a handful will stay in Florida for the warm weather and food.