These 7 Plant Milks To Your Mug For Health

Cornering 63% of the plant based milk market, almond milk is considered the most popular dairy alternative. 

Almond milk

Refrigerated coconut milk  is subtly sweet, light, but also slightly creamy. And, if you don’t mind the slight coconut flavor, it makes a wonderful addition to coffee. 

 Coconut milk

Of all plant based nut milks, though cashew milk admittedly isn’t your friend when seeking a beautiful foamy topping for a latte, it is still an absolutely delicious addition to coffee

 Cashew milk

It’s not too overpowering in flavor, and personally, I prefer the unsweetened vanilla variety, but it just works when it comes to coffee, if you ask me. 

Macadamia milk

Most people recommend adding just a drop or so of agave nectar or honey to this milk to bring out the most flavor, but with or without this addition, you’ll find this milk to contain more noticeable flavor than other nut milks

 Pistachio milk

Many people are starting to make walnut milk their daily choice when adding a splash of creamy, buttery flavor to their hot or iced cup of joe. 

 Walnut milk

This plant milk’s sweetness and nutty flavor make it most favorable in coffee smoothies, but when it comes to lattes, some varieties don’t froth as well as others.

Hazelnut milk