These 3 Zodiac Signs Treat Their Friends Like Family

Cancer It's easy to forget your Cancer BFF isn't related. Garbis says this water sign will call your mom their mom and attend all significant events like birthdays and holidays at your house.

Cancerians don't have many friends, so when they choose you, they mean it forever, explains Garbis. Since they rule the fourth house of home and family, they take partnerships seriously.

Libra A Libra will treat you like family forever once you join their inner circle. Garbis states, “This air sign rules the seventh house of personal relationships, so all of their friendships last.”

You probably met in elementary school and are best friends. They've been there through all your ups and downs, and you always think of them first when you need to talk.

Sagittarius Garbis says a Sagittarius will constantly do sisterly things like calling to check in or making herself at home in your flat. They'll come over without asking, eat from your fridge, and act like they own it—because they kind of do.

“They are ruled by happy-go-lucky Jupiter, who is silly and lovable and fun to be around,” explains Garbis, so you felt like you knew them from the moment you met and have been making the nicest memories since.