This Tiny Kentucky Town Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway

In Corbin, start by enjoying Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Cumberland Falls, the second largest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, is the primary attraction at 68 feet tall and 125 feet broad.

It's the Eastern US's greatest waterfall by volume behind Niagara Falls. You might see the cascade's unusual moonbow, a lunar rainbow formed by the full moon instead of sunlight.

Light refraction in water droplets causes moonbows, which only occur near waterfalls. One of the few U.S. locations to see this beautiful natural occurrence is Corbin, along with Hawaii and California.

In Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, you may hike trails, fish the Cumberland River, mine for fossils and gemstones, and ride horses through the forest. You can ride a gorgeous horse for 45 minutes on a guided route for $25 per person.  

Get a thrill on a 10-mile guided whitewater rafting excursion on the Cumberland River, which has Class 3 rapids and beautiful scenery. For more water time, visit Laurel River Lake, which has 206 miles of tree-lined shoreline and infinite fishing, boating, and water sports activities.

Leave the woods or river for Main Street. Antique shops, locally owned boutiques, and eateries are in this rejuvenated downtown Corbin.

Take your time walking the old-fashioned neighborhoods, but stop at 101 Depot Street, an outdoor railroad museum with the last steam locomotive built in South Louisville in 1922 and an authentic L&N caboose.

You should start your Corbin visit at Sanders Café and Museum, where you may witness the 1940s KFC. During the Great Depression, Colonel Harland David Sanders sold fried chicken from his North Corbin roadside eatery.  

More than 20,000 KFCs were opened worldwide using his “secret recipe” over 75 years. At the original café and museum, you can eat KFC's famous fried chicken and witness reconstructions of Colonel Sanders's office and recipe-development kitchen.