The Best Exercise For A 7 Day Dumbbell Workout At Home

Instead of doing bodyweight squats, switch things up with this variation that too, targets the glutes and quads.

Goblet Squat

While they primarily work the quads and glutes, they also target the hamstrings, calves, adductors, and core

Bulgarian Split Squats

This exercise does not always require a barbell. It can still be perfectly executed with a pair of dumbbells.


This exercise works your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads as well as your calves

Reverse Lunges

This exercise targets the adductors, quadriceps, hamstrings as well as the glutes.

Sumo Squats

Can be done with a stair step if you do not have a sturdy box to step on.

Box Step Ups

Not necessarily. While some sources say that legs need more reps than other parts because it takes longer for blood to flow through them, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence behind it.

Do Legs Need More Reps