The 7-Day Yoga Challenge

 Great flow that offers you the best of both worlds and is a perfect way to start this 7-Day Challenge. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

Day 1

Welcome back to day two! Today let's continue working on our flexibility with this shoulder focus session. This stretch session has a great stretch to help with painful or tight shoulders.

Day 2

Today is day three of the 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Let's step it up today with an advanced yoga flow focusing on total body and balance. 

Day 3

Today is day four. Did you enjoy yesterday's yoga flow? Well today I have selected part 2 of that flow focusing more on balance. 

Day 4

Welcome back to day five! Today I have selected a shorter yoga flow but this one will incorporate equipment. Adding a little challenge to each movement.

Day 5

Today is day 6 of the 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Today let’s think outside the box and use this awesome dynamic warm up to get the body moving. 

Day 6

You have made it to the final day of this challenge! Today is day seven and I saved the best for last. Our backs take on a lot from our daily activities

Day 7