The 21 Names Selected for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season

In the Atlantic Ocean, a tropical storm turns into a hurricane when it reaches a particular size. During hurricane season, a list of predetermined names is employed to track individual storms in order to make sense of these storms.  

What names should we anticipate this year? The 21 names chosen for the Atlantic hurricane season of 2024 are already public knowledge.

Hurricane-producing storms are named before they reach the necessary intensity to qualify as one. When they are upgraded to a tropical or subtropical storm, they are given their new name.  

The subtropical and tropical storms that the US National Hurricane Center labels occur when winds reach 39 mph for one minute or longer.

Hurricane names are chosen by the Hurricane Committee of the World Meteorological Organization. Every year, they rotate six lists that they keep. 2018 marked the final instance of the name being in use in 2024.

Hurricane naming was handled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States prior to 1977. Storms were given names by the US Army Air Forces prior to 1947.

These are the 21 names selected for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season: Alberto Beryl

Chris Debby Ernesto Francine Gordon

Helene Isaac Joyce Kirk Leslie

Milton Nadine Oscar Patty

Rafael Sara Tony Valerie William