Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Famous Curves In A White Gown

Selena Gomez is a red carpet pro, and she looked perfect at the SAG Awards in a white Versace gown that highlighted her curves.

As she posed for the cameras, the singer wore a big hairdo, a nude lip, smokey eye, and brilliant red nails. She wore excellent Messika jewelry to finish.

Selena Gomez Wears Versace White Gown To SAG Awards When Selenators saw their queen at the event, they gushed on Instagram about her style.

"She is stunning! Selena, keep going "fan remarked. One remarked, "This is the type of role model I want my 12 year old to look up to, I think she looks stunning, healthy and happy."

Her passionate followers shut down haters who worried about her 'bigger' appearance and weight gain.

"The amount of people criticizing her weight need to educate themselves on lupus," a user said. A 31-year-old woman! Her age has passed 18. Body types varies greatly between women and teens. Another fan called her perfect.

Selena Gomez Says Benny Blanco Makes Her Feel 'Safe' The founder of Rare Beauty announced her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco in December and has since posted lovely photographs on social media.

Zane Lowe interviewed the ex-Disney star on Apple Music 1 on the importance of being with someone who understands you.

"I think it's crucial to meet someone who appreciates you and knows my culture, without going into too much detail. But it's the safest I've felt, and it's been great and has helped me grow. The actress said it's great.