Passerby Saves Baby Hummingbird From Hot Sidewalk

During her morning stroll, this woman noticed a tiny hummingbird by itself on the sidewalk and knew she had to help. In addition to the heat, she was concerned about people walking their dogs in the area.   

She then carefully picked up the small creature and set him down on a ledge close by. She thought that until his parents returned, he would be secure up there.  

Unfortunately, the baby hummingbird was still exactly where she left him when the woman came back almost an hour later. She got him some sugar water since she didn't want him to go hungry.  

Mom eventually reappeared at that point. Fortunately, she didn't appear to mind that a person was spending so much time near her child.  

While the infant was still in the palm of her hand, this mother managed to capture the most incredible video of an adult hummingbird nursing her offspring! This amazing event she shared became viral on TikTok after she posted it there.  

You might have been told as a child not to touch newborn birds. It's a popular misconception that when adult birds smell human fragrance on their young, they would abandon them.  

Cornell Lab, however, claims that this is only a myth. This explains why, despite the fact that the tiny guy had been handled by someone, the hummingbird mother had no trouble returning to her child.