Meet the World’s Largest and Smallest Hummingbirds

The world's largest hummingbird is the Giant Hummingbird. The enormous hummingbird, found throughout the Andes, is the largest of 340 species. This strange bird is 9 inches long with a wingspan over 8 inches.  

Though slender, it's larger than a barn swallow and as long as an American robin or northern cardinal. This monster, like all hummers, weighs 0.85 ounces and can fly acrobatically. However, it is bulky and hovers at 15 wingbeats per second, slower than smaller hummers.

World's Smallest Hummingbird Hummingbird Bee The world's tiniest bird is the Cuban bee hummingbird. It weighs less than a cent and is slightly over 2 inches long from bill to tail.

This species has 80 wingbeats per second and sounds like a bumblebee. Males are turquoise with bright red heads.

Smallest US Bird Calliope Hummingbird The smallest North American bird north of Mexico is the 3 1/4-inch calliope hummingbird.  

Men have red-and-white streaks on their throats or gorgets (occasionally magenta). This mountain-specialist breeds above timberline from the Sierra Nevada and Cascade crest to the Rockies. Look for these quiet birds hovering over blooms a few inches tall in subalpine meadows.