Is Yin Yoga Dangerous? 

Yin yoga is a specific type of yoga where instead of switching between poses after a few breaths, you hold each pose for longer

Yin yoga for beginners as well as the yogi pros have an excellent activity to balance their intense workouts.  

You have heard that yin yoga stretches deep connective tissues in your body along with the fascia. Fascia is not isolated in the body

Many yin yoga poses involve deep forward folds or flexion, such as the saddle or dragonfly poses. If you hold these poses for extended periods you might overstretch your muscles or connective tissues. 

Holding the pose for 5 to 6 minutes may not be beneficial for your body. It places too much strain on your muscles 

 Some yin yoga poses may limit circulation, especially in your legs, hips, and pelvis. Lying for too long with legs crossed or knees bent can restrict blood flow. 

These postures place a lot of pressure on your hips, knees, spine, neck, and shoulders. Some people need to use cushions and props to support joints in these shapes. 

Despite the potential risks we have explored, for people who do not suffer from any injuries or health conditions, practicing yin yoga is safe to do daily.