Hummingbirds Can't Resist This Fragrant Night-Blooming Plant

Why Hummingbirds Like Flowering Tobacco A hummingbird must eat nectar to survive. Hummingbirds eat 90% sugar. This continual feeding is easier with tubular blooms.  

The bird then sticks its lengthy tongue inside the blossom to get the most nectar. Hummingbirds are the only animals that can reach flowering tobacco's deep, trumpet-shaped blossoms.  

All hummingbirds like one flower colors. Audubon says hummingbirds are especially attracted to red or orange blooms because they are easy to notice in garden vegetation.   

They will feed on any color flower with tube-shaped blooms and high nectar content. A Nicotiana species with brighter flowers will attract the most of these birds to your yard.  

To grow flowering tobacco Nicotiana is easy to cultivate if given the right conditions. Most gardeners plant this as an annual, yet it's a tropical perennial.  

It grows well from seed indoors two to four weeks before the last hard frost. Seeds can be directly sown in the garden following frost. Plant flowering tobacco, which is poisonous if eaten.   

Flowers tobacco thrives in full sun and some shade, especially in warm temperatures. It blooms well in rich soil and monthly fertilization. This plant hates drought, so keep it moist. This poisonous plant repels most pests.   

This plant is preferred by the hummingbird moth for egg-laying. Tomato hornworm caterpillars can cause rapid harm once hatched. These pests should be hand-picked or sprayed with an organic caterpillar pesticide immediately.