Hummingbirds are in Pontotoc! Get your nectar up

We have hummingbirds! The floating diamonds have been seen in Pontotoc's west end. Clean those hummingbird feeders and get the water ready for the tired birds after their long travel from Mexico.  

The Ruby-throated hummingbird will spend the summer at its breeding grounds in North America, where food is less competitive than in Mexico and Central America. Nonstop flight is possible over 1,243 miles.  

Hummingbirds fly a certain distance every day based on species, topography, wind speed, and food sources. The typical hummingbird flies 25 mph.   

The wind helps a Ruby-throated hummingbird fly across the Gulf of Mexico nonstop, speeding them up. This Gulf crossing takes roughly 20 hours, according to hummingbird banders.   

Think about it. This little bird flies nonstop across water for 20 hours. Given their nutritional needs, how can they do this? Can't a hummingbird perish for hours without food? The answer is anatomy.  

Hummingbirds fatten up weeks before migration. For migration, hummingbirds store up to half their body weight as fat and fly all night across the Gulf.  

A teen says they'll starve to death when they arrive. Provide a sugary red carpet for them. Females will arrive in a week or two after the guys.