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Palm Tree

How You Can Help Hummingbirds in Extremely Hot Weather

Provide Shade: Hang a shade cloth or umbrella over feeders to shield hummingbirds from direct sunlight, preventing overheating.

Offer Fresh Water: Place shallow dishes of water near feeders for hydration. Refresh the water daily to ensure cleanliness.– 

Plant Native Flowers: Cultivate a garden with native, nectar-rich flowers, offering natural sustenance and a cool refuge.

Create Cooling Mists: Install misters near feeders to create a refreshing spray, mimicking their natural environment.

Limit Pesticides: Avoid using pesticides in your yard to protect hummingbirds and their food sources from harmful chemicals.

Clean Feeders Regularly: Prevent bacteria growth by cleaning feeders frequently with a mild bleach solution.

Install Perches: Provide resting spots near feeders for hummingbirds to conserve energy and cool off between feedings.

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