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Palm Tree

How to Identify a Lucifer Hummingbird

Distinctive Size and Shape: Look for a small bird with a long, straight bill and a slightly curved shape.

Iridescent Plumage: Notice its vibrant green back and head, contrasting with a sparkling purple throat.

White Eye Ring: Observe a striking white ring around its eye, which stands out against its dark face.

Tail Characteristics: Watch for its deeply forked tail, a distinguishing feature of the Lucifer Hummingbird.

Habitat Preference: Search in arid, desert-like habitats with mesquite and acacia trees, where it often feeds on desert flowers.

Distinctive Flight Pattern: Recognize its rapid, direct flight with quick wingbeats, distinct from other hummingbird species. – 

Call Note: Listen for its sharp, metallic "tzeee" call, which it often uses during territorial disputes or courtship displays.

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