How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last in the Fridge?

Due to their lengthy shelf life, hard-boiled eggs can be batch cooked without worrying about spoilage. The Bella Egg Cooker hard boils seven eggs in 12 minutes.

"Hard-boiled eggs will last about three to four days in the fridge," says Institute of Culinary Education director of culinary affairs Herve Malivert.  

"After four or five days, I would toss them." Food and Drug Administration standards allow hard-boiled eggs to be used within a week following boiling.

Older eggs have a shorter shelf life, so start new. A pro tip: To prolong egg freshness, store them upside-down when you bring them home.

Peel or not—that's the next question. Lead instructor of culinary arts Cyril Kabaoglu at the Institute of Culinary Education advises storing hard-boiled eggs peeled because they get tougher to peel over time.

To prevent drying, Malivert recommends storing eggs with the shells on in the fridge for more than a few days. The innovative Negg boiled egg peeler cleanly removes shells with a shake to peel hard-boiled eggs rapidly.