Get Your Body Right In Just 10 Minutes

Your goal at the beginning of every year could be to either join the gym or do at-home workouts, or at least exercise outdoors – to get into better shape and live a healthier life.

The best 10 minute workout at home, in the morning before work or later in the evening, is one that is based on your needs and targets your problem areas.

A person who is looking to lose weight will benefit the most from a routine that combines both cardio and strength training/weight lifting

Both types of exercises help increase calorie burn – cardio burns calories most during a workout and weight lifting burns calories most while at rest, due to the energy needs of the newly acquired muscle

High intensity workouts such as HIIT and tabata are also fantastic for overall weight loss, although they might not work best for muscle growth.

 Someone looking to build stronger muscles is better off doing a strength training program with weights. Such a routine will require the use of gym machines or free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells

For more flexibility, cardio and strength training may not be the best option. Instead, try doing either yoga, pilates, tai-chi or simple stretches for the best results.

You can also do Pilates, which is a full body workout that has been shown to have great results with increasing upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscle strength