Geography Facts Most People Get Wrong

 The Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area spans both states, which means there are actually two completely separate Kansas Citys, run by two completely separate city governments. 

Kansas City Is Also in Missouri

It is located on the New Jersey side of the state line and is even listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

The Statue of Liberty Isn’t Technically in New York

While Toronto is the largest city in terms of population, the capital of Canada is actually Ottawa — a much smaller city a few hours east of Toronto.

Toronto Isn’t the Capital of Canada

Ka Lae, which is Hawaiian for “the point” is located on Hawaii’s Big Island and is the real southernmost point in the U.S.

Florida Isn’t the Southernmost State

Despite the fact that the island’s main language is Spanish, it’s actually a United States territory.

Puerto Rico Isn’t Its Own Country

While the country does have its fair share of glaciers, it also has volcano activity, hot springs and geysers.

Iceland Isn’t Actually Made of Ice

Despite its popularity among tourists, Sydney is not actually the capital of Australia. The capital is about 150 miles southwest of Sydney in Canberra!

Sydney Isn’t the Capital of Australia