Feeding hummingbirds comes with care and maintenance

Feeding them is an inexpensive way to attract them to your yard. The sugar solution is one part white sugar and four parts water. This can be homemade or bought. Thoroughly dissolve sugar in water by heating.  

You can't fill a feeder and leave it for months; you must replace the solution and clean it.  

According to Wild Birds Unlimited's Jessica Kindall, "The nectar ferments, which is like hummingbirds drinking alcohol, which is bad for them and makes them act funny, just like humans."  

Kindall, a bird specialist, recommends doing this once a week in spring and more regularly in summer.  

As we go into June, July, August, and even October, you may need to change it every two to three days to keep the nectar fresh, Kindall said. Cleaning a hummingbird feeder is simple with household items.  

First, get dish soap, warm water, and a brush for between feeder holes. Hummingbird feeders often disassemble for cleaning.  

Wash the other feeder parts with soapy water with a sponge or cloth. Rinse well. Replace the nectar to prepare your feeder for hummingbirds.  

Missouri's tiniest bird is known to like crimson. Red dye can poison hummingbirds, so avoid it in feed. Only a red feeder is needed.  

Hummingbirds don't enjoy traffic, so place many feeders far apart. Ants and bees can be avoided with this simple trick.