Discover When Hummingbirds Return to Colorado

These birds usually return to Colorado in late March and early April. However, Broad-tailed hummingbirds may arrive later.

Rufous and Calliope hummingbirds visit Colorado briefly in July and August. Hummingbirds frequently move between states.

They constantly search for breeding or wintering grounds outside Columbine. Interestingly, male hummingbirds arrive first. They must claim their area before mates arrive.  

Where do Colorado hummingbirds fly? They're regularly seen from the Rocky Mountains to your backyard! You're not alone in wanting these magnificent birds in your yard.

There are several ways to attract hummingbirds to your garden in spring and summer.  

Providing their natural food sources is easiest. This includes: Honeysuckle Gold currant Penstemons Salvias Trumpet vines Wax currant, Indian paintbrush, Lupines

Hanging feeders reliably attract hummingbirds. These must be in your yard before the birds return to Colorado. Mid-March: put out hummingbird feeders.  

When the fluttering birds fly south for the winter, you can take them down in late November. Feeders must not have red dye. For homemade sugar water, mix four parts water with one part sugar.