Discover 9 Colors of Pearls (Rarest to Most Common)

Natural Black Pearls: Natural black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, are among the rarest and most sought-after pearl varieties. They have a unique dark coloration with overtones ranging from green and blue to purple and grey. 

Natural Golden Pearls: Natural golden pearls are prized for their warm, lustrous hues ranging from light champagne to deep gold. They are relatively rare and highly valued for their rarity and beauty. 

Natural White Pearls: Natural white pearls are classic and timeless, with a lustrous white or cream coloration. While they are more common than black or golden pearls, high-quality white pearls with excellent luster and surface quality are still highly valued. 

Natural Lavender Pearls: Natural lavender pearls exhibit a delicate, pastel purple hue that ranges from pale lavender to deeper violet tones. They are less common than white pearls but are prized for their unique coloration. 

Natural Pink Pearls: Natural pink pearls feature soft, rosy hues that range from pale blush to vibrant pink. While they are less common than white pearls, they are highly sought after for their romantic and feminine appeal. 

Natural Blue Pearls: Natural blue pearls are rare and coveted for their stunning ocean-inspired hues, ranging from pale aqua to deep indigo. They are typically found in saltwater pearl oysters and are prized for their uniqueness. 

Natural Peach Pearls: Natural peach pearls feature warm, peachy-orange hues that evoke feelings of warmth and sophistication. They are relatively rare and prized for their soft, feminine coloration. 

Natural Chocolate Pearls: Natural chocolate pearls have rich, deep brown hues reminiscent of dark chocolate. They are less common than other pearl colors but are valued for their unique and luxurious appearance.