Dachshund Turns Music on, Starts 'Singing' as Mom Puts Baby to Sleep

Dachshunds are known for their extreme antics, yet all dogs may be pampered and stubborn.

This dachshund owner's story of Noah's behavior while she tried to go asleep has the internet in stitches. In a Wednesday TikTok video under the nickname noah_the_sausage, the pup turns on his owner's speaker and sings along while his owner tries to put her baby to sleep.

The amusing footage caption reads: "I'm trying to put the baby to sleep and this mf turns on music and starts singing." Next: "Tell me you have a dachshund without telling me you have a dachshund."

She stated he has offered us unending joy and laughter since then. "He's gregarious and the primary character—a true dachshund. We call him a rebellious, kind teenager.

The path to his heart? Unlimited cuddles and treats. The dog we didn't realize we needed, we're so happy to have him." PetKeen experts have several opinions about why dachshunds are stubborn.

These little canines were bred to pursue prey, thus they faced some fierce predators. Apparently, they can "easily face porcupines, badgers, and other animals without batting an eyebrow."