Chicago Hot Dog

Start with a Poppy Seed Bun: – Begin with a steamed poppy seed bun, which is essential for authentic flavor and texture in a Chicago-style hot dog.

Place the Hot Dog: – Nestle a boiled or steamed all-beef hot dog into the poppy seed bun, ensuring a snug fit and proper balance of flavors.

Add Yellow Mustard: – Squeeze a line of bright yellow mustard along one side of the hot dog, providing a tangy and zesty kick.

Layer with Chopped Onions: – Sprinkle a generous handful of finely chopped white onions over the mustard, adding a sharp and savory element to the hot dog.

Top with Neon Green Relish: – Spoon a vibrant neon green relish made from sweet pickles, providing a burst of sweetness and acidity to complement the other toppings.

Add Tomato Slices: – Place a couple of slices of ripe tomato on top of the relish, offering a juicy and refreshing contrast to the savory and tangy components.

Tuck in Pickle Spear: – Nestle a crisp dill pickle spear alongside the hot dog, providing a crunchy and briny bite that enhances the overall flavor profile.

Finish with Sport Peppers and Celery Salt: – Add a couple of spicy sport peppers and a sprinkle of celery salt to finish off the Chicago-style hot dog, delivering a final burst of heat and herbaceousness.