Black Bears Rescued From Construction Site In Virginia

According to WTVR, three Black bear cubs were rescued from a Virginia construction site on Valentine's Day.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia took in the cubs after their den was “accidentally disturbed during a brush clearing at a construction site,” according to a release.  

The construction workers quickly reported the disruption to the Department of Wildlife Resources when the cubs' mother “ran off” One of the cubs was critically injured, so the Wildlife Center took them in.  

Each potato-sized bear cub had closed eyes. One of the rescued cubs was killed following a life-threatening leg injury. A healthy male and female cub weighed 870 and 750 grams, respectively.

Minus small skin blemishes and moderate ringworm, both were healthy and active.  The third and smallest cub, at 500 grams, had a poor prognosis due to its small size and serious limb laceration.  

Since their discovery, Wildlife Center rehabilitation personnel have fed the Black bear pups ‘round-the-clock.’ The two healthy cubs gained almost 100g apiece in a week.   

With the third cub's leg injuries not improving, the veterinary team made the painful choice to “humanely euthanize the injured cub.”  

The Virginia Wildlife Center staff is caring for the two healthy cubs, while the Department of Wildlife Resources searches for a wild foster mother.   

Black bear mothers often care for cubs added to their brood, according to the Wildlife Center.

Due to a weak acorn crop last fall, few collared bears tracked by DWR have given birth to pups. Finding a foster mother may be challenging. If no foster mother is found, the center will care for the bears.