Bicep Workouts for Strong Arms

The bicep is the large, thick muscle on the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder that works to allow flexing at the elbow 

The best part about these workouts is that you don’t need to commute anywhere. You can achieve toned and powerful arms, right in the comfort of your home

Training biceps at home isn’t as difficult as it might sound. It only requires a little motivation and of course determination. Persistence is something you should strive for. Also, choose the best at-home bicep workout that suits you and your body best. 

Some examples of bicep exercises at home for beginners include chin-ups, ITYW’s, reverse snow angels, wall handstands, etc. You can also use a dumbbell and practice different curls, like hammer curls

Those who wish to build and train stronger muscles, but also want to save time by not going to the gym at the same time, ultimately turn to at-home bicep workouts.

There are various bicep workouts with dumbbells, and among them, the easiest and the most common are bicep curls. 

Take a dumbbell in each hand (start with a lighter set if you are a beginner), stand up straight, with a shoulder distance between your feet. Keep your arms straight, with the palms facing forward.

Then, bend or curl at your elbows moving your dumbbells upwards, such that your palm and dumbbells come towards the respective shoulder. Be careful that your back, hips or waist do not bend. Also, the arm movement should be slow and steady and not swinging. The dumbbell should be kept horizontal.