Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Bearded Iris Care: Your Guide to Growing, Blooming, and Beyond

Planting Basics: Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Plant rhizomes just beneath the surface in late summer or early fall.

Watering Wisdom: Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Water deeply once a week, adjusting based on weather conditions.

Fertilizing Fundamentals: Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring and after blooming to promote healthy growth and abundant flowers.

Pruning Pointers: Remove dead foliage and spent flowers to maintain neatness and prevent disease. Trim back iris leaves in late summer.

Pest and Disease Control: Watch for pests like iris borers and diseases like bacterial soft rot. Treat promptly with organic solutions.

Division Technique: Every three to five years, divide overcrowded clumps to rejuvenate plants and encourage better blooming.

Winter Care: Mulch around plants in late fall to protect from frost. Trim foliage to a few inches above the ground after the first frost.

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