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Are Hydrangeas Deer Resistant? The Best Repellent Strategy

Hydrangea Deer Resistance: While hydrangeas are not inherently deer resistant, certain varieties may be less appealing to these garden nibblers.

Plant Selection: Opt for varieties like Hydrangea arborescens or H. paniculata, which tend to be less palatable to deer compared to H. macrophylla.

Repellent Sprays: Utilize commercial deer repellent sprays containing ingredients like putrescent egg solids or capsaicin to deter deer from munching on your hydrangeas.

Fencing: Erect physical barriers such as fencing or netting around your hydrangeas to prevent deer from accessing them.

Scare Tactics: Employ scare tactics like motion-activated sprinklers or noise-emitting devices to startle and deter deer from entering your garden.

Scent Repellents: Place strong-smelling items around your hydrangeas, such as bars of soap or bags of human hair, to mask their scent and deter deer.

Garden Maintenance: Regularly prune and clean your garden area to remove debris and minimize hiding spots for deer, reducing their attraction to your hydrangeas.

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