8 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse 

Improper Dress Code: Showing up underdressed or overdressed can be a faux pas. Aim for smart casual attire unless the restaurant specifies otherwise.

Handling Cutlery Incorrectly: Knowing which utensils to use and when is crucial. Start with the outermost utensils and work your way in as the meal progresses. Never use your hands for eating steak unless it's specifically a finger-food dish.

Misusing the Napkin: Placing your napkin on the table instead of your lap, or using it to wipe your face or utensils excessively, can be considered impolite. Place the napkin on your lap once seated and use it for blotting your mouth discreetly.

Ordering Steak Well-Done: Ordering a steak well-done in a high-end steakhouse is often frowned upon, as it can compromise the flavor and texture of the meat. Opt for medium-rare to medium for the best dining experience, unless you have a specific preference.

Ignoring Steakhouse Lingo: Not understanding the terminology used on the menu can lead to confusion or ordering the wrong cut. Familiarize yourself with terms like ribeye, filet mignon, and porterhouse to make informed choices.

Over-seasoning the Steak: A well-cooked steak typically requires minimal seasoning, as the quality of the meat should shine through. Avoid dousing your steak in sauces or excessive salt before tasting it.

Interrupting the Waitstaff: Interrupting servers while they're speaking or ignoring their recommendations can come across as rude. Pay attention to their suggestions and ask questions if you're unsure about anything.

Being Disrespectful to Other Diners: Loud conversations, using your phone excessively, or displaying rude behavior towards other diners can detract from the overall dining experience. Respect the ambiance of the restaurant and be mindful of those around you.