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7 Tips for Owning a Dog While You’re Pregnant

Stay Active Together Keep up with gentle walks and playtime. It benefits both you and your dog, maintaining health and energy levels. Choose safe, comfortable routes and activities that suit your current fitness.

Create a Safe Space Designate a cozy area for your dog where they can feel secure. This helps when you're resting or busy. Ensure it’s away from baby-related items to prevent confusion and accidents.

Adjust Feeding Routines As your schedule changes, so might your dog’s. Gradually adjust their feeding times to align with your new routine. Consistency helps them adapt, preventing anxiety and digestive issues.

Maintain Grooming Habits Regular grooming keeps your dog clean and reduces shedding, which is crucial when preparing for a baby. Consider professional grooming if bending and lifting become challenging.

Train for Baby’s Arrival Introduce baby sounds and objects to familiarize your dog with new stimuli. Practice commands and boundaries to ensure they respect the baby's space, creating a peaceful environment.

Delegate Responsibilities Share pet care duties with your partner or family. This ensures your dog’s needs are met without overwhelming yourself. It also helps your dog bond with other household members.

Prioritize Rest Listen to your body and rest when needed. Use this time to cuddle with your dog, reinforcing your bond and providing mutual comfort. Short breaks and naps can rejuvenate you both.