7 Stupid Things People Spend Money on When They Don't Need to

Coffee is a sacred morning ritual for many. But spending $5 on a fancy latte every day adds up to over $1,800 a year! Brewing your coffee at home and taking it in a travel mug can save you a ton of money

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 Waiting a few months can save you a lot, plus your current phone won’t feel so outdated once the hype dies down.

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Babies grow faster than your bank account can handle. Dressing your little one in designer gear might make for cute Instagram photos, but they’ll outgrow those expensive outfits in weeks

Designer Baby Clothes

Signing up for that high-end gym might seem like a step toward your fitness goals, but if all you’re using is the treadmill, you’re throwing money down the drain. 

Fancy Gym Memberships

The lottery is essentially a tax on hope. Your chances of winning big are about as good as finding a unicorn in your backyard. Instead of throwing money away on tickets

Lottery Tickets

With the plethora of streaming services available today, paying for cable is like owning a landline—it just doesn’t make sense for most people. 

Cable TV Subscriptions

From detox teas to keto bars, spending money on diet products is often a waste. Most of these items offer little nutritional value and won’t do much for your weight loss journey. 

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