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7 Natural Ways to Keep Bees and Wasps Away From Hummingbird Feeders

Use Red FeedersBees are attracted to yellow, not red. Choose feeders with red parts to keep them at bay. Hummingbirds love red, so they'll keep coming back while bees lose interest in the less appealing color.

Place Feeders StrategicallyHang feeders in shaded areas since bees and wasps prefer sunny spots. By placing them in a cooler, shaded area, you'll discourage these insects from visiting, allowing hummingbirds to feed undisturbed.

Clean Spills PromptlySpilled nectar attracts bees and wasps. Wipe up any spills immediately and regularly clean your feeder. This helps prevent the sweet scent from drawing these insects to your hummingbird haven.

Offer a DecoySet up a separate feeder with a mixture of sugar and water away from the hummingbird feeder. This will attract bees and wasps, giving your hummingbirds a safe space to feed without competition.

Use Bee GuardsBee guards are small mesh screens that allow hummingbirds to feed while keeping bees out. Attach these to your feeder to prevent bees from accessing the nectar, ensuring it remains a hummingbird-exclusive treat.

Choose Saucer FeedersSaucer feeders keep nectar below the feeding ports, making it difficult for bees and wasps to reach it. Hummingbirds can still feed easily, but bees will struggle to get to the nectar.

Relocate RegularlyMove your feeder occasionally to confuse bees and wasps. These insects are creatures of habit and may not find the new location immediately, giving hummingbirds uninterrupted access to their food source.

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