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7 Legends About Dogs from Myth and Folklore

The Faithful Hound:In Celtic lore, the loyal hound remains by its master's side even after death, guarding their resting place with unwavering devotion.

Anubis, the Guide:Ancient Egyptians revered Anubis, the god with the head of a jackal, who safeguarded souls on their journey through the afterlife.

Fenrir's Prophecy:Norse mythology tells of Fenrir, the monstrous wolf-dog whose fate is intertwined with the end of the world, Ragnarök.

The Three-Headed Guardian:In Greek mythology, Cerberus, the fierce three-headed dog, guards the entrance to the underworld, ensuring none escape its grasp.

The Dog Star's Vigil:Sirius, the Dog Star in ancient astronomy, was believed to bring heat and watch over both land and sea during the scorching days of summer.

Hachiko's Loyalty:A modern legend from Japan, Hachiko symbolizes loyalty and devotion, waiting faithfully for his owner at a train station long after his master's death.

The Wild Hunt Companion:In European folklore, spectral hounds like the Black Shuck join the Wild Hunt, a ghostly procession led by a mythical figure across the night sky.