7 DIY Hummingbird Feeders That Are Impossibly Easy To Make

SOLO Cup Method Getawaymoments makes a hummingbird feeder in a few steps with a SOLO cup, scissors, and twine. They gently cut two cup side holes with a razor. They then use scissors to widen the holes so hummingbirds can reach the nectar inside.  

Make a Tupperware feeder The red hypothesis applies to another Tiktokker's Tupperware hummingbird feeder. They poke holes in the red lid of a dollar-store container, fill the tub with nectar, reconnect the top, and make a twine hanging.

Use A Mason Jar Or Bottle Use any glassware you have at home for your TikTok DIY. TikTok user @theyoberts empties a drink bottle, removes the label, cleans it, then drills a cork hole to insert a reusable straw.

Soy Sauce Feeder Made Simple The easiest hummingbird DIY we've seen uses soy sauce bottles' shape and color. TikTok user @swaygroup shows how to clean, invert, and hang an old Kikkoman soy sauce can with thread and duct tape.  

Flyswatter Technique Flyswatter DIY from TikTok user @morecatslessa55holes makes a simple mason jar feeder. A TikTokker in their home lays their small mason jar face-down on the plastic mesh, outlines it with a Sharpie, and cuts a new lid to size using scissors.

DIY Spice-Jar Hand Feeder A patient hummingbird admirer can get close to these gorgeous birds with this innovative DIY feeder. Clean an empty spice jar, fill it with nectar, and keep calm in a hummingbird-filled outdoor space.  

Use Peanut Butter Jars Like the Tupperware and mason jar DIYs, YouTuber Bill Rosener utilizes a red-lidded peanut butter jar. Just clean the jar, drill few holes in the lid, and hang the feeder after filling it with nectar.