7 Dishes Your Mum Or Granny Has Ruined For You

Growing up, you might have faced the dreaded plate of overboiled vegetables. Whether it was Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or carrots, their mushy texture and lack of flavor could turn anyone off. 

Overcooked Vegetables

Chicken, a versatile and healthy protein, can easily become unpalatable when overcooked. Many families, concerned about food safety, erred on the side of caution, resulting in chicken that was tough and dry.

Dry Chicken

The convenience of instant mashed potatoes might have been a staple in some households, but it comes at a cost. The texture and taste can’t compare to the creamy, buttery goodness of real mashed potatoes

Instant Mashed Potatoes

The use of canned soups as a casserole base is a time-honored family shortcut, but it often results in a salty, homogenous dish lacking in freshness. Whether it was a green bean casserole or a tuna noodle casserole

Canned Soup Casseroles

Many families preferred their steak well-done, leaving no trace of pink in the meat. This method, while ensuring safety, often led to a tough and flavorless piece of beef. 

Well-Done Steak

Pasta cooked past al dente can be a culinary tragedy, yet it’s a common occurrence in some family kitchens. The resulting soggy noodles, clumping together on the plate, can make Italian night less than appealing.

Soggy Pasta

Whether due to a distracted cook or a temperamental toaster, burnt toast might have been a frequent visitor to your breakfast table. 

Burnt Toast