7 Activities to Avoid After 75

If you are over 75, do not engage in extreme sports. Obviously, the physical demands and risks associated with these activities significantly increase with age.

Aggressive Sports

As we age, regular health check-ups become paramount in promptly identifying and managing health issues.

Regular Check-Ups

Mental health deserves as much attention as physical health, especially during the later stages of life.

Mental Health

Nutritional needs change with age, and overlooking these can adversely affect one’s health.

Neglect Nutritional Needs

While avoiding extreme sports is advisable, forsaking all physical activity can lead to a decline in health, mobility, and independence.

Abandon Physical Activity

The aspiration to serve at the highest level of government leadership, such as running for president, embodies a commendable desire to contribute to societal progress and national well-being.

Do Not Run for President

Running a country, whether as a head of state or government, places immense responsibility on an individual’s shoulders. These are shoulders that aren’t as strong as they once were.

Do Not Run a Country