3 tips to prepare for a solar eclipse

Protect your eyes during the eclipse.   Always use safe solar viewing glasses (“eclipse glasses”) or a handheld solar viewer to witness the partial stages of the solar eclipse before and after totality.  

Solar eclipse glasses are not conventional sunglasses; even dark sunglasses are unsafe. Safe solar viewers should meet ISO 12312-2 and be thousands of times darker.    

If your eclipse glasses or handheld viewer is torn, scratched, or damaged, throw it away. Supervise children using solar viewers.   

Know the totality path Houston almost avoids totality for the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, which cuts through Texas. Houston will not see totality. Yet Space Center Houston will have a magnificent view of the event! Use our map to track totality while planning your trip.  

Texas road trip preparation (and traffic) Did you know driving across Texas takes 11 hours? The distance between Texas cities should be addressed when planning an out-of-state visit to observe this celestial occurrence.  

Flying into any of the state's major cities would likely cause traffic—private vehicles are the most common means of transportation.   

Give yourself and your staff plenty of time to get to your destination because highway construction, weather, and rush hour all cause traffic. With food and our eclipse music, your drive will fly by!