1914 Penny No Mint Mark Value

The 1914 Penny with no mint mark is a Lincoln wheat cent, minted by the United States Mint. Here's its value: 1. 

Date and Minting: The absence of a mint mark indicates that it was minted in Philadelphia, as during that time, Philadelphia did not use mint marks. 

Condition: The value of any coin, including the 1914 Penny, depends greatly on its condition or grade. Coins that are in better condition typically command higher prices. 

Collector Demand: Despite being over a century old, the 1914 Penny is relatively common among collectors. However, coins in excellent condition or those with unique characteristics may be sought after by collectors. 

Value Range: Generally, a circulated 1914 Penny without any remarkable features may have a value ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars. 

Professional Appraisal: For a more accurate assessment of the value of your specific coin, consider getting it professionally appraised by a numismatist or coin dealer. They can provide insights into its rarity, condition, and current market demand. 

Overall, while the 1914 Penny with no mint mark may not fetch a significant sum, it still holds historical significance and can be a valuable addition to a coin collection.