10 Beautiful Hummingbird Feeders That'll Turn Your Yard Into a Fairytale

Circle Hummingbird Feeder This circular frame takes this simple red hummingbird feeder to a whole new level.

Rose Gold Glass Hummingbird Feeder Pink and rose gold accents look particularly sweet on this glass hummingbird feeder, which easily fills from the top.

Bee-Proof Copper Hummingbird Feeder This copper hummingbird feeder looks super sleek and is both bee-proof and virtually unbreakable.

Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder Keep it classic with this 10-ounce red glass bird feeder that has five nectar-feeding stations.

Copper & Glass Hummingbird Feeder This stunning hummingbird feeder will stand out in your backyard for all the right reasons. Hummingbirds will easily find this copper feeder that actually holds 32 oz. of nectar.

Window Watch Hummingbird Feeder Don't have a place to hang your feeder? Attach one to the outside of your window with suction cups instead.

Autaugaville Hummingbird Feeder This mosaic glass flower reservoir will glimmer in the morning light. The vessel is made from hand-blown glass, while the bottom base is red plastic to attract the hummingbirds.

Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder Go for an elegant, antique look with this green glass bottle feeder. It also comes in red or clear colorways to match your outdoor decor.

Red Dieguez The Hummingbird Feeder This simple, house-shaped hummingbird feeder is an invitation for your winged guests to feel right at home. They'll chirp happily on the roof or rest under it during the rain.

Single Flower Hummingbird Feeder Set Hang these individual feeders that look like flowers around your yard, and they'll blend right in—and attract hummingbirds all over.